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CSCA unequivocally condemns the actions of ‘Muslim Patrols’

The Centre for Spirituality and Cultural Advancement unequivocally condemns the actions of a small amount of individuals involved in the Towel Hamlets ‘Muslim Patrol’ debacle.

Their actions of harassing people at night and claiming for certain areas to be ‘Muslim territory’ is not only absurd but will only further increase the worrisome rise in anti- Muslim prejudice.  This latest incident highlights the on-going threat posed by militant networks that foment intolerance and espouse a narrow, destructive worldview.

We utterly condemn and deplore such behaviour- It does not represent Islam or the majority of mainstream Muslims. We join the law-abiding, mainstream Muslims throughout the country who are horrified by these despicable acts of violence and harassment and hope its perpetrators are brought to justice.

CSCA implores all faith communities to step up their efforts to promote mutual understanding, respect and encourage peaceful dialogue with one another.

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